If You Haven’t Secured Your Spot For A Mobile App, You’re at Risk!:

Most companies don’t realize how crucial it is to not have an App store presence. Not having mobile an App presence can be potentially harmful to your company and brand reputation. Publishers are taking advantage of this void by using brand names and integrate into their system taking advantage of users looking for that particular brand. The risk of not being present in the app stores can potentially expose your brand to trademark infringement. Your brand name can often be used  by others to gain profit and compromise your brand equity. By not securing your spot within the marketplace, through launching your own mobile branded app, others can take advantage of this and use it to their own benefit. Copycat apps are indeed a serious issue in the app stores and it is hard to guard against fakes. With more and more users looking to mobile apps for their daily needs, not having a secured position can be a huge harm that could have been easily avoided! Take action today and secure your mobile domain!

What is an Affiliate Mobile App?


  • iOS & Android native apps
  • Presented under the brand name
  • Built from an affiliate feed

An affiliate mobile app generates mobile traffic

  • Through Premium mobile gateway
  • App store presence
  • Instant app creation

Resulting in increased sales

  • CPA Based
  • Generate sales via mobile
  • Outstanding User Experience
  • Deliver offer through push notification