Are you a Brick and Mortar Retailer? Four Questions You Should Think About.

by / Tuesday, 27 January 2015 / Published in Latest posts, White paper

Think about it. What is the one thing that goes wherever you go? 

It is not your laptop. It is not your wallet. It is your Smartphone! For most of us it is not just a device, it is the key to our most intimate relationships. our friendships, our favorite music, our favorite shows. Mobile Intimacy – if it is on your Smartphone it must be personally related to you and who your are.

Think about it. What about your favorite brick and mortar brands?

Are they on your phone? Brick and mortar brands are yet to meet the challenge of achieving Mobile Intimacy with their loyal customers. 80% of Tier 1 brick and mortar brands still do not have Apps.

Brick and mortar brands can greatly increase accessibility, recency and frequency in their relationships with their consumers by being on their Smartphones.

Think about it. How can you generate more revenue?

Revenue generation based on Mobile Intimacy, means allowing your customers to order from their mobile device. You enable your customers to act on their desire, they browse your store, they see what they want, and they buy. They will then go to the store to pick up the items, knowing it will be there waiting for them and that they have secured the best price.

Mobile Intimacy means customers expect you to enable ‘click and pick’ option, purchase on the mobile and pick at the store. As a matter of fact today more people would like to pick up the purchase at the store than to have it sent home.

mximo_homepage_banner_0004_05In 2013 only 4 percent rated Buy Online Pickup In-Store as more important than home delivery. In 2014, this number jumped to 64 percent.

Source: Mobile Marketer


This actually makes it easier for a brick and mortar retailer to provide a continuity between the purchase intention and the store visit. But this also means there is a minimal impact on business infrastructure.

Think about it. How can you become available at all the time for your customers?

  •  Create a Mobile App presence.
  •   Engage your customers to download the App.
  •  Create Mobile Intimacy.
  • Generate more revenue.