Case Study: Conversions Soar When You Choose Mximo!

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Love & Pride, which is a fabulous online jewelry destination for people who believe in equality, diversity and tolerance, went live with our MXIMO solution this past June.

Before choosing Mximo to build their mobile web and iOS/Andriod applications, Love and Pride had both mobile web and native application but they were performing poorly with considerably lower conversion rates than they had on their e-commerce website.

Having heard about Mximo and how our solution empowers online and offline retailers to not only maximize conversion but as well as having the ability to be live in all the app stores within a matter of a few weeks from signing the contacts, they decided to try a different mobile strategy and go with Mximo!

From within weeks of the signing the contract, Love and Pride started to generate revenue from their newly launched mobile applications. Love and Pride saw both their conversions and sales  increase by nearly triple the amount!  By offering their shoppers a premium and engaging look and feel and exclusive in-app promotions and discounts, it was specifically targeted at inducing desire and making their most beloved consumers click the “buy button”, Mximo was able to ensure success through all of our marketing features that their old mobile solution was lacking. As part of the Love and Pride line we were also able to integrate their most attractive customizations such as including the 5% donation module to the charity of your choice upon checkout. Not only did their mobile sales triples, but their conversions and sales even exceeded their m-commerce sales!

Thanks to the Love and Pride team who  had very high tech capabilities and service as well as responsiveness, Love and Pride keeps their most loyal consumers up to date through push notifications and tailored messages that have only helped to their substantial success through their mobile application and mobile web.

kobi1 “When I first started working with MXIMO, I have to say I was hesitant because we had already tried mobile once before and our conversions were very low but Nurit the CEO, walked me through every possible step to make sure I was comfortable before diving into mobile again! We are extremely happy to see the great success we have had by going mobile with MXIMO with our native applications and HTML5 web browser and the tremendous increases we have seen in all areas of our sales, traffic and overall business conversions.”- Kobi, The CMO of Love and Pride

Look Good. Do Good. See how your purchase makes a difference in the fight for equality!

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