Mobile Shopping Apps are proving to perform well for brands!

by / Thursday, 13 March 2014 / Published in White paper

It’s a fact! Mobile commerce is rapidly growing and is expected to hit $48.3 billion this year, with year-over-year growth at 71.3%, according to findings from the just-published 304-page Internet Retailer 2014 Mobile 500.

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Mobile has changed the way consumers behave & has created a new battle for screen time, forcing  retailers & e-tailers to adapt quickly in order to stay in the game, and to accommodate the new set of expectations & new rules of engagement consumers on mobile now have.

Retailers & brands that have adapted their storefront  to mobile & have obtained mobile presence are definitely being rewarded and see great results. App stores presence is proving to increase sales as well as brand equity, while driving traffic  from a new source – the app stores.

App, Close & personal!

Having your mobile shop app installed on your consumers’ mobile devices is practically the closest you can get to your consumer! This is “prime real estate”. Mobile apps target the brands’ most loyal and engaged fans that will take the effort to download the app and are literally telling the brand – “yes I’m connected to what you do and I would love to hear from you often”.


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Case Study – Home Decor, US

This Home decor brand launched its stylish app right before Christmas and is showing success ever since!

Customer acquisition – 270% growth (January to February,2014)

High retention rate – (sessions / unique users) – 300%

User registration & lead generation – 11% of app users have signed up for newsletter.

Conversion rate – 3%

Case Study – Gifting, Israel

A high end gifting chain with both stores all over the country and mobile app as their major online store . The app allows the brand to offer customers to shop on the app & pickup in store. connecting online & offline experience. App performance is high  -

Customer acquisition – 385% growth (January to February)

Excellent retention rate – (sessions / unique users) – 900%

User registration & lead generation – 16% of app users have signed up for newsletter.

Conversion rate – 4%