Mximo mobile presenting the “Mobile retail Challenge” at E-commerce Forum in Milan Italy.

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Netcomm_2015_SheviNurit Shevi

Founder and CEO of Mximo mobile,  

presenting The Mobile retail Challenge  

at E-commerce Forum in Milan Italy.



How to Transform the  Mobile channel into a significant

revenue generator for retailers:


The Challenge I – bridge the gap

  • Mobile is the future of retail – the engine for revenue generation and growth
  • There is a Paradigm shift – It is already out there
  • The power is already in the hands of the brands

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The Challenge II – Do it right

  •       Mobile traffic is not converting
  •       The targets goals are low
  •       We are not reaching them
  •       The reason is that the retail industry (we) do not have a mobile strategy

5 steps to meet the Challenge

  1. Provide a full mobile solution which means both Mobile Web and App – for the different degrees of loyalty
  2. Provide a true Mobile user experience  utilizing unique mobile tech capabilities – use camera GPS one click checkout barcode scanner  that is tailored to the limitations of mobile – limited space and fragmented time
  3. Understand the consumer environmental context (Social, home, away, fragmented time (on the bus/in a class/  from store, on the way to the store, in the store)
  4. Tailored experience  - tailor the experience according to the data you can draw from the mobile (Language/location/contacts)
  5. Bricks and clicks - enhance online/offline buying experiences reward the consumer for looking you up on the mobile, increase symbiotic relationship.


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