Not Being In The App Stores Is Not Just Missing Out On A Great Opportunity But Is Also A Threat!

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Not Being In The App Stores Is Not Just Missing Out On A Great Opportunity But Is Also A Threat!

Let’s Talk Stats On Mobile App Presence
It’s time to say goodbye to mobile web shopping and hello to mobile app commerce! Nowadays, with the increasing amount of apps downloaded from iTunes daily from Apple and Google Play, app stores are looking for shops. By the first quarter of 2013, app downloads amounted to more than 13.4 billion across the four major app stores – (iTunes Apple, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and BlackBerry World.) By the end of 2013, the amount of downloads will reach over 70 billion and by 2017; there are expected to be 200 billion app downloads.
Without a doubt, apps are the answer and moreover a necessity to brands everywhere, who are wishing to increase sale revenues and increase brand equity. With the amount of daily active users browsing app marketplaces more and more frequently, brand owners are at risk of loosing out by not being present in the fastest growing search. With 89% of a smartphone owner’s time being spent in apps versus only 11% spent on the mobile web domains. Nowadays, mobile app shopping behavior is changing the marketing and putting the power squarely in the laps of connected consumers.

The graph below shows the on-going trend of how more people prefer to access mobile content through their Apps vs going through the mobile web.

The Opportunity for Brands & Retailers
Retailers and brands that have already adapted their storefront to mobile, and who have obtained mobile store presence are being rewarded and seeing great results. Mobile apps drive sales for retailers; people can buy items directly from their apps. Mobile apps can make the shopping experience easier and more rewarding by improving the experience and lift customer satisfaction. Having a mobile shop app installed on the consumer’s mobile devices is basically the closest brands can get to their consumers! This “prime real estate” allows brands & retailers to target their most loyal consumers. Since 2016, a quarter of all e-commerce will be done from mobile devices. Brand owners that can offer apps can significantly improve their accessibility and these can maximize conversions with the rise of push notifications. This year, retail sales made on smartphones alone will total $14.59 billion, and that figure will more than double to $30.66 billion by 2017.

The rise in UK Retail Mcommerce sales through mobile devices

The Threats Involved With Mobile Domains
Most companies don’t realize how crucial it is to not have an App store presence.
Not having mobile an App presence can be potentially harmful to your company and brand reputation. Publishers are taking advantage of this void by using brand names and integrate into their system taking advantage of users looking for that particular brand. The risk of not being present in the app stores can potentially expose your brand to trademark infringement. Your brand name can often be used by others to gain profit and compromise your brand equity. By not securing your spot within the marketplace, through launching your own mobile branded app, others can take advantage of this and use it to their own benefit. Apple iTunes has been “criticized in the past for being slow to act when some apps are reported as infringing” when rip-off apps use the graphics, icons, or even code similar to reputable brand’s names. Copycat apps are indeed a serious issue in the app stores and it is hard to guard against fakes. With more and more users looking to mobile apps for their daily needs, not having a secured position can be a huge harm that could have been easily avoided Take action today and secure your mobile domain.

Example of copyright trademark infringements:

1. Walt Disney, Sony Corp, Viacom Inc’s Paramount and News Corp’s Twentieth Century Fox and Warner have all submitted infringement notifications to Google regarding mobile apps that use studio images that have been illegally copied. “With the rise of the second screen comes a new band of villains who pose a serious threat to the entertainment industry’s move to mobile,” said Pierce. “Consumers have been led to believe if an app is available through iTunes or Google Play, then it must be safe.” –Reggie Pierce, chief executive officer of IP Lasso.

Securing Your Spot in The App Stores Is Simple With MXIMO
Creating a mobile shop app has huge advantages to your company. For example, as a company you need to be everywhere your user is and when they want you, establishing a mobile app puts you there and even puts you one step ahead of your competition. Furthermore, for certain demographics, if you do not have an app, you do not exist. For example, the younger generations nowadays knows that doing anything through an app (especially on a mobile phone) will be an easier, quicker, and user-friendlier experience. Truly – the question is not whether you need an app strategy; it is whether you can justify not having one.
Currently, 74% of online retailers are developing a mobile app strategy to ensure their spot within the future of mobile commerce. By securing a position within the mobile app marketplace, you are opening up even more opportunities and doors not only for your company but also for your consumer’s worldwide. Go ahead and jump on the bandwagon!
As you can see, mobile presence is definitely being rewarded and has seen great results. MXIMO offers brands & retailers a comprehensive, end-to-end mobile solution by creating premium branded apps in a short time to market and at a low risk. Our advanced technology can generate a mobile shop app within days! These services include instant mobile app generation, protecting brand value and revenues while avoiding trademark infringement and allowing you to own your mobile app! Our solution helps brands and retailers seize their place in the app store and use existing customers affinity towards actual sales.


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