Working Moms. Working Mobile

by / Wednesday, 25 December 2013 / Published in White paper

Some people may think the 2011 movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” to be very funny but the truth is that being a working mom today, especially during the holidays shopping rush is no fun at all. The answer to this year’s holidays pressure will come from innovative technology.

When mobile commerce is gaining a momentum no wonder recently published surveys stating that


With an extended shopping list at times when every minute of the day counts, the “social” working moms can easily adopt the digital alternatives to the chaotic store with the long, long lines in front of the point-of sales.

The always on, always open, no lines, massive selection offered via the smartphones or personal tablets – no wonder this is the right solution, at the right time to the right segment.

Neither moms as target audience nor these emerging trends can be ignored, retailers need carefully address working moms demand for a mobile commerce platform. To be fully aligned with what moms really want to do, retailers should make certain they offer a comprehensive commerce platform coupled with a set of features to help customers rapidly find, not just the product, but in-depth information as well as relevant digital coupons or discounts, they can easily find nearest stores and view product availability and most of all  click on the ‹payment› button and check another item off their log shopping list.


1. Adorit Digital, For moms it is a digital holiday –