Frequently asked questions

Get a direct contact with your customer. Your consumers are already there! Apps invite browsing and connectivity with consumers during “gap moments” in the day and enable access to mobile impulse buying.

Yes, if you already have an eCommerce site, just simply export an XML or CSV file and upload it to your account using our easy to use wizard.

mximo supports both ios and android native apps

Yes, you can easily install our "app preview" insert your user name and password and review you app.

Yes, mximo can support an only catalog based app which will show your products without the ability to buy them. If, in the future, you decide to start selling your products via you app the settings can be easily changed.

Updating is simple and can be done at any time by logging into your mximo account, using our User-friendly app Content Management System. The changes you make will take effect immediately for all your fans to see, order & share!

The application can be up and running in 2 to 4 weeks. The setup process could take up to 2 weeks and the approval process can be between 2-3 weeks. In some circumstances, this process can be shorter.